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New Product Post-Remote Wheelbarrow Robot

Hello, everybody, long time no update of blog. Actually we are always here to find the new items for all of the clients. Nowadays we introduced a new product-Remote Wheelbarrow robot, able to achieve five functions, including dancing, driving, sparring

In the field of VR, who is best known?

Just within the past three years, the Oculus raized by a Kickstarter project evolved into the current household VR device, also wake up decades of VR industry, therefore, in the field of VR, who is the best known?

Interesting, Lumen Flashlight Powered by Temperature

Lumen flashlight don't need battery, you might have guessed the power generation by solar power, wind power, etc. These also don't need a battery, do you think so? However, the Lumen flashlight actually depend on temperature power generation.

How Soon Would Be the Drone Era Coming?

The current booming trend in the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), will be like the rapid development of the personal computer (PC)in the 1980s.How soon would be the drone era coming?

New Category of Gift Launched

Besides the 600+ electronic items in the meeedstudio store, now in order to convenient the clients to put forward promotion, we specially launch the new category of gift, and hope that would be helpful for one-stop purchase

Oculus Launch Gear VR at $99

On September 24, Oculus and samsung jointly launched the Gear VR virtual reality devices, in order to let more ordinary consumers to accept this product, the price will be only $99, the device can be used with samsung all the Galaxy mobile this year

Meeedstudio new kits launch

No matter electronic website, or educational agency, or simple DIY hobbyists, they all want to purchase the special kits. Currently you can find a variety of kits from meeedstudio, such as sensor kit, smart home kit, RFID kit, and so on.

Meeedstudio 20 new quadcopter launch

Quadcopter seems have been increasingly hot around the world.Imagine that using mobile to WIFI operate the quadcopter flying in the sky, taking photo or take video, then enjoy the selfie joy. Is it a cool thing?

Creative Spy Tank launch

Believe that lots of DIY hobbyists like robots, cars and tanks, if better, wifi control the car or tank and transmit the live video to your phone, that would be very interesting.

Meeedstudio Product Category

meeedstudio over 500+ items have been divided into 9 categories, including component, display, robotics, raspberry pi, creative gadgets, flashlight/camera, drone parts, quadcopter, 3d printer parts

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