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About Us

Meeed Store / 2015-04-27



Founded in 2015, Meeedstudio is an electronics items provider, catering to hardware engineers, DIY enthusiasts, educational students and the mass consumer. Our product catalog boasts over 700+ components and widgets from drone , displays, 3D printer parts,robotics,LED flashlights.

With our mission of driving the future rooted in our corporate culture, our research and development team have constantly innovated with latest technology. Besides, we strive to promote makers cultures by providing tools, electronics and training for schools, hacker spaces and hackathon events. What’s best, we also face to the mass consumer by online smart watch, drone parts, mobile phone accessories, aiming to create the one-stop purchasing store for electronics items, no matter finished products or electronics element.

Efficiency, cost effectiveness, best after-sales support are what we hope you to experience from meeedstudio.